Kaleidoscopic COVID-19 Art by Laura Splan

In her art series, "Unraveling," Brooklyn artist Laura Splan took the COVID-19 coronavirus spike protein models and animated them into a series of mesmerizing kaleidoscopic art.

From Fast Company:

Splan exclusively used the spike protein found on the surface of the coronavirus, the part of the virus that attaches itself to human cells, which is represented in the software as alpha helices, (the ribbony spirals), and beta sheets (the arrows).

“Ultimately, these are amino-acid sequences, and because of the biochemistry of that sequence, the protein folds in a certain way through propulsion and attraction,” Splan said. “When you’re watching these animations, you can see these individual ribbon structures folding and unfolding and coming together and falling apart. That coming apart is what I did manually in the software. I unraveled the protein, and I animated it coming back together.”

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