Invention for Police Grapples Fleeing Cars

ā€‹Core77 introduces us to the Grappler Bumper, which is a device that police (or, I suppose, people with a highly unusual hobby) use to stop fleeing cars. The inventor, Leonard Stock, developed it after he saw news footage of a police chase that resulted in an innocent person getting injured. A week later, he welded his prototype to the front of his truck and somehow convinced his wife to drive in front of him while he tested it on the family SUV.

The "bull bar" slides straps around a rear wheel, which then wraps around and disables that wheel. The police driver can then drag the suspect vehicle to a stop or jettison the straps.

Grappler Bumper says that law enforcement has used it at least 400 times. Here's a good video of a recent use in Phoenix, Arizona.

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