How Google Street View Gets Its Images

Google Street View vehicles have been traveling the world, taking pictures of everything, for 15 years now. Ethan Russell of Google Maps takes us through the app's history, from the initial idea to what it is today. The way they take pictures began with the now-familiar street view cars with huge mounted cameras and a backseat full of processors. But they've developed some neat cameras that weigh less and work better. As the technology evolved, Google Street view ventured into places where vehicles can't go, with cameras carried by walkers (the living kind), snowmobiles, camels, and even sheep! You'll also hear a few fun tidbits, like how the project has to adjust for cultural differences around the world. The cameras' abilities to account for camera movement, meld images together, and even read signs has evolved, too. And the cameras have grown cuter, too!

Street View explores new locations, and constantly goes back to popular places like big cities with its improved technology. But here in the hinterlands, I know I can always turn to Street View and see what my house and my entire small town looked like in 2008. -via Digg ā€‹

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