How Brussels Sprouts Came to Taste Good

When I was a kid, Brussels sprouts seemed to be a punishment of some sort. The only reason to eat them is because your mother made you, but what kid wants to eat something only because "it's good for you"? Well, we know that children are particularly sensitive to bitter tastes, and vegetables that we hated as children often become a favorite in adulthood, but Brussel sprouts didn't get any better for me as a young adult. It turns out that it wasn't just me. However, Brussels sprouts have become much better in the 21st century.

The difference came about in two ways. First, the plant crop itself has undergone changes that first ruined Brussels sprouts and then made them better. Second, we figured out that vegetables are better roasted in the oven than boiled. Read about the evolution of Brussels sprouts at NPR. And if you've been avoiding this vegetable for years, maybe now you can try them again. You might be surprised! -via Mental Floss ā€‹

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