Homeowners Floated Their Two-Story House to Move it Across the Bay of Islands in Canada

Daniele Penney and Kirk Lovell wanted to move their dream home half a mile down the north shore of the Bay of Islands. However, the couple would need to have their home transported via boats across the inlet before their dream could come true.

For about four months, the couple planned their home's voyage. And on October 11, they executed the plan.

Halfway through its journey, however, things began to go wrong. Because the couple did not notice the little hole on the home's base, the house tipped back and quickly took on water. To make things worse, the boat that carried their house also broke down.

As the house began to sink at one point, Penney thought that no hope was left. However, as more boats arrived on the scene, the house was kept afloat for the remainder of the voyage.

Luckily for the couple, their dream home arrived successfully at its destination, and it was pulled up ashore by two excavators.

That was close.

(Video Credit: Zenger)

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(Image Credit: Keith Goodyear/ Zenger)

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