Genius-Level Child Seat Design in Japan

Sora News 24 has long informed us of the wonderfully people-friendly designs present in Japan. Most recently, it shared photos of toddler seats found in Terrace Mall Matsudo.

In my experiences in the United States, toddler seats in restaurants are usually separate high chairs that are moved to and from dining tables as needed. Seating for young children is essentially an afterthought.

Not so at this mall. Toddler seats are set in the middle of the table, often facing the parent, as this photo by Twitter user @hadukichi816 illustrates. This is ergonomically helpful because the parent doesn’t have to twist to the side to feed the child.

This photo from the mall's official Twitter account shows other options aside from front-on alignment. There are a total of 6 such toddler chairs among the 750 seats in the food court.

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