Fossil of 244-Million-Year-Old Bony Fish Discovered in China is the Oldest Ever Found

Fossils of the Peltoperleidus fish were discovered recently in Luoping, eastern Yunnan, China. These fossils were dated to be over 244 million years, making them the oldest fossils of the fish to be discovered, compared to the previous fossils found, which are only 242 million years old.

It is worth noting that these fossils were discovered in China, as paleontologists thought that the species only existed in Europe.

Unlike earlier fish, the Peltoperleidus has highly flexible dorsal and anal fins, which allowed it to be more agile in the water, making it a formidable predator in the Middle Triassic epoch.

Learn more about the Peltoperleidus fish over at Daily Mail.

(Images: Peer J via Daily Mail)

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