Dr. Timothy Clark Smith was Buried With a Window in his Grave and a Chisel and Bell in his Coffin.

Normally, when someone wants a nice view over their grave it would be something scenic, like a valley or an ocean, not an actual window, but it is what Dr. Timothy Clark Smith wanted when he died in the late 1800s. Dr. Smith suffered from severe taphephobia, a fear from being buried alive.

“It’s been years since you could see down there, I know he’s buried there and there’s the glass plate. And he supposedly had something to break it if he needed to. There’s also a bell down there I was told,” said Roger Boise, president of the Evergreen Cemetery Association in New Haven, Vermont.

Boise said the grave has a staircase, and that the doctor was buried with a chisel in case he woke up 6 feet under and needed to get out. Even if years of condensation made it so you can only see a few inches down through the window, Dr. Smith’s grave attracts a lot of curious visitors in a quaint New England town.

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Image Credit: CBS6 Albany

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