Caltech's Leonardo Robot Can Walk, Fly, Slackline and Skate

Humans are not perfect and can only do so much. Through the years, technology continues to develop, making our lives easier and better. Cellphones, for instance, have been vital to our lives, especially in our communication with other people. Technology continues to advance, giving us an impression that robots might disguise themselves as humans in the future.

Researchers from Caltech have developed a robot with bipedal legs and a torso-mounted thrust powerful enough to be lifted off the ground. This robot can even do what we can only dream of - it can fly!

After two years, Leo the robot can now skateboard, slackline, and make dainty airborne hops with exceptionally elegant landings. This robot has heels, by the way, and has a new outfit. It's also stylish!

All Images: Caltech Aerospace Rootics and Control Groupā€‹

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