Ancient Egyptian Tomb Smells of Fish, Fruit and Beeswax Balm

Electric fridges ain’t got nothing on Egyptian preservation technique. 

An assortment of delicacies kept inside an ancient Egyptian tomb dated 3,400 years ago was found to still be smelling fragrant when it was unearthed. The jars containing the food were left inside the tomb to nourish its inhabitants, spouses Kha — an Egyptian ‘chief of works’, or an architect — and Merit, his wife. According to experts, the unidentified ancient food still bears hints of fruity aroma, which they are going to analyze to determine conclusively.

The 1906 discovery of the tomb in the Deir el-Medina necropolis near Luxor remains the most complete non-royal ancient burial ever found in Egypt, revealing important information about how high-ranking individuals were treated posthumously.

Image: J. La Nasa et al./J. Archaeol. Sci

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