A Violent Hit to the Head in a Robbery Gone Wrong Turned a Futon Salesman into a Math Genius

Jason Padgett's life only revolved around partying, drinking, and chasing girls. At that time, Padgett thought math was stupid. For him, it is not applicable in the real world. But everything changed on a Friday night, on September 13, 2002. That night, Padgett was robbed and beaten up by two men outside a karaoke bar, which resulted in a concussion and a bleeding kidney. Padgett's concussion, however, was not just a concussion. It was a sustained brain injury, which caused him to have OCD. But something else happened within Padgett: he saw things differently. He saw things in shapes, lines, and curves. He saw things mathematically.

It is hypothesized that Padgett has synaesthesia.

Learn more about Padgett's life over at BBC.

(Image Credit: Jason Padgett)

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