Thousands of Robots in "The Hive" Zip Around to Pick Your Online Grocery Orders

A robotic 'Hive' sounds ominous, but it's where you'll get your groceries from if you shop at Ocado, a British delivery-only supermarket that uses robots to pick groceries.

Ocado's warehouse in Andover, a small and quiet town in southeast England, has about 2,300 robots to pick over a million grocery items per day to fulfill people's online orders.

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Tom Scott said:

"This is a grocery packing warehouse in the south-east of London. Folks have ordered their groceries online and instead of people walking up and down the aisles of a traditional grocery store to pick up items, these little devices move more than a million items every day between them.

Instead of trying to build machines that fit into a world designed for humans, this entire facility, the size of seven football fields, is custom-built to make this as efficient as possible."

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