Pumpkin Bagels Thankfully Do Not Appear to Be Pumpkin Spiced

Pumpkin Spice Season has ominously descended upon the world, like an orange Zardoz head in the sky.

I may be misreading the available information, but I think that the Bagel Nook has spared us from pumpkin spice in its pumpkin-shaped bagels. They are, however, remarkably reminiscent of actual pumpkins.

The Bagel Nook is a chain of bakeries with three locations in New Jersey. Its bakers specialize in the fine art of—you guessed it—bagel creation. As you can see from the menu, there is a wide variety of different bagel types which vary seasonally. There’s an even larger array of spreads, including bacon cheddar, cookie dough, siracha honey, and chocolate fudge.

-via First We Feast

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